Mango Smoothie

egg whites
in 100ml
Mango Smoothie

Indulge in the tropical delight of our Mango Smoothie, a perfect blend of 64% liquid egg white and 11.3% mango puree. This refreshing drink, enriched with pear and lemon juice concentrates, flax fiber, and natural flavorings, is a nutritious choice for a recovery snack, weight management, or just a delightful treat. Enjoy its natural color, courtesy of carotenes, and the perfect balance of taste and health with no added fat, milk, or gluten.

Purely Beneficial

Packed with natural proteins from barn-raised eggs, our smoothies are rich in the nutrients your body needs.


Experience the smooth texture of our smoothies, never floury, always satisfying.

Clean protein

No soy, lactose, sugar, gluten, or fat – just essential protein for a healthy, energizing lift.


Add a splash to your breakfast, a boost to your smoothie, or a kick to your snacks – our smoothies are your go-to for a quick, nutritious addition to any meal.

Made for Everyone

Active, seniors, moms-to-be, and kids – our smoothies are crafted for all walks of life.